The thing is when you’re bisexual, you’re not really surprised when a straight person is biphobic. Sure it sucks and you’re like “well fuck you too dude” to whoever the prick is; but it’s not so astonishing.
Biphobic gay people on the other hand, actually hurt like a motherfucker. Like bro you’re supposed to be on my side??? Like even “my people” can’t accept me?? That hurts so much more than some random dude who expects a threesome.

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omg i ship tiny roman and tiny cowboy






Fun fact: The actor that played Octavius played him as though he had unrequited love for Jedidiah.

Unrequited, my arse. 

I think what you’ve all failed to realize is that the cowboy is saying a line from Brokeback Mountain

bless this post

I’ve given up caring how many times I reblog this.

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[throws a chair] i just want that character to be happy

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I think it’ll most likely be the last series of bad education or at least last one with the original cast as in the promo picture they have writing on their shirts and that usually what happens when it’s your last year at school/ leaving

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I really want to know what’s happened to Frank and Stephen.

I was hoping Frank would continue to be his normal dickhead self to everyone except for when he’s being all cutesie with Stephen, cos that would be hilarious. I knew there was gonna be a S3, I just didn’t know it was out yet! Ima watch 3x01 now \o/

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the walking dead season 4 + quotes [1/?]

i’m atlanta city police and i have enough artillery in here to kill you every day for the next ten years. you mess with me or my family, and i swear to christ i will put you down.
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Look I fucking know people have it fucking worse than me so you don’t need to piss in to my ask box about it and make me feel even crappier and selfish because I fucking know so just don’t okay

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Do you know what fucking sucks? The fact that last year my confidence had slowly built up though the school year for like practically 0 to like 7/10 and it was to the point at which I had generally considered coming out or whatever to some people (like I’m already out to two of my closets friends and another girl) and my parents (I’m planning on doing that soon hopefully just don’t know how to say it or bring it up) because the class I was placed in last year didn’t seem to mind, like there were like 2 not straight people (besides me) out and none seemed to care, even the dude who declared he was homophobic got along with them and wasn’t an asshole to them and didn’t bully them or not. And like all though the summer I was think of ways to say it and stuff but then after about a week in my new classes my confidence has went down to like a 3 and there is no chance I’m coming out properly this year because I’m not joking a table of girls say and made fun of me for like and hour because I had came in late the previous lesson and “sat down like I was well hard” which absolutely did not help a tiny bit and now I’m panicking so much to the point in which I can’t catch my breath and my concentration has became so crap but I can’t really let it show because I can guarantee they talk shit about that and it probably won’t even be them and I fucking hate it

I’m so sorry this has been a long as post and so stupid but I needed to get it all of my chest. feel free to unfollow me but just know at this point I generally don’t give a flying fuck

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Anonymous said:
your abit rude just saying

Abit? Mate I am so fucking rude just saying

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the most important thing to me ever is bi kids knowing that it’s ok to be 10% attracted to women and 90% attracted to men or 10% attracted to men and 90% attracted to women and still feeling ok to identify as bi, and still feeling like their identity is valid, and still feeling like they can lead fulfilling lives with both (or other) genders. like that’s just so fricking important.

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It’s not over, don’t forget


It’s not over, don’t forget

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Sasha in Season 5

The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 12 9/8c
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Anonymous said:
Wow your like a actual british person and everything

Yeah mate, got my certificate of authenticity framed on me wall

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I swear if the just brush over this whole frank and Stephen thing I am going to be uber fucking pissed not even joking

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